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Pegah wants to bring a child from the orphanage, but Soheil does not agree. On the day when the welfare workers want to come to Pegah and Soheil’s house for research, Soheil leaves the house. Pegah calls him and asks him to return home. Soheil does not accept and says: You have no right to give me orders, I can not accept that child.

Synopsis Of Serial Giso Part 3

Pegah asks Soheil but he does not pay attention. Someone calls Haj Younes and informs him that Giso has been killed.
He threatens Haj Yunus, but Yunus says: I do not know anything. I do not have the patience to listen to words and now I have to go to the funeral ceremony.
Anonymous: Are you saying you do not know what happened to Giso?
Younes: Giso was so lucky that he did not die.
Anonymous: How can you not know that Giso is dead?

The situation becomes more complicated and the police come to arrest several people.

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