Serial Ghoorbaghe Part 14

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Frog Series Part 14

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All three conclude that they must leave the country as soon as possible before the police arrive. Nouri knows that he has no extra opportunity, without wasting time and in the shortest possible time; he embeds the materials and starts his transfer plan with a complex plan.
A few hours after leaving for Anzali, while on a highway, people in front of Nouri’s car are informed that there is a checkpoint on the road, thus informing Nouri. Meanwhile, one of Nouri’s confidants, who has previously coordinated with him, reports one of the heavy vehicles to the police on the way so that the officers can search the vehicle. In this way, the second car can pass the police barrier safely.

Serial Ghoorbaghe Part 14

The officer, who was a senior officer, was suspicious of Nouri’s car and thought that drugs were embedded in his car. Although he suspects that this was a cover to bypass the checkpoint; in the end he can not find anything from Nouri, and although he was handcuffed before, he finally releases him!

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