Malake Gedaian Part 15

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Queen of Beggars Part 15

Malake Gedaian Part 15: Alborz is a chemist living in Germany. he is going to marry his fiancé in Turkey. Everything is ready for a memorable ceremony when it is reported that Alborz’s father is in a coma. Alborz, with its vague past, is afraid to return to Iran; but for the last meeting with his father, he has no choice but to return to Iran, but due to his problems, he is forced to come to Iran as a smuggler.

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Despite the great insistence of Alborz’s mother to return him to Iran, Alborz has made its decision… When he returns, no one knows him and his name is Farhad Babaei, not Alborz Shams, and no one but his smuggler knows him.

The Queen of Beggars series provides a surprising and enigmatic beginning for the main character and the audience.

The use of cinematic visual techniques in the image, as well as the creation of continuous nodes for the audience, are among the tricks that attract the majority of today’s audience.

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