Serial Siavash Part 8

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Siavash Series Part 8

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“Siavash” is the common clichés of filmmaking, so that more than half of the series time spent on slogan monologues. At the beginning of the series, the subject of Marjan’s serious illness is clear and Marjan’s mother announces that her outlook on life and her relationship with Siavash has changed; after a few minutes, Marjan changes her behavior.

Serial Siavash Part 8

Siavash’s view of social classes is the same stereotypical view that has prevailed in recent years. That people in the lower part of the city are either sick or in prison and are committing a crime! In a part of the series, the broker has a phone conversation with a religious and seemingly influential person.

Synopsis Of Siavash8

After Marjan’s death, Siavash is not in a good mood and is in a very weak position. Eventually, Siavash was found in a bad condition where he locking the doors from the outside and opening the gas taps with the intention of committing suicide.

In the next scenes, we see Maral caught in the police station. Siavash comes as her husband and frees her from temporary detention. It is still not clear if Siavash is Maral’s husband, then who is Marjan.

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