Serial Siavash Part 10

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Siavash Series Part 10

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Serial Siavash Part 10

The main problem is the story of the clichés that are always repeated in the series. Even this clichés has appeared in the characters. The good characters in the story in this series are white; but logic suggests that these characters are gray. It means their goodness should be greater than their badness.

Even the romantic conversations in the series do not attract the audience.

Detail Of Siavash10

Siavash series is about the personal life and surroundings of a wrestling hero; who lives in the lower part of the city.
A hero who faces many problems and like most Iranian serials have a fiery love affair and creates separation problems.
Of course, this series has also been made with a critical approach. Criticism of poverty, the poor financial situation of the country’s aristocrats, the corruption caused by poverty.

Movie Type: Social | Drama
Made in Iran
Year of production: 1399
Director: Soroush Mohammadzadeh
Actors: Milad Ki Maram, Reza Kianian, Majid Salehi, Alireza Jafari, Terlan Parvaneh, Khosrow Shahbaz

We also hope you enjoy watching this series.

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