Malake Gedaian Part 9

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Malake Gedaian Part 9

After Alborz and Sara use drugs together, Alborz leaves. Before going to Sarah, he says: Now I am ready to see what the queen has to do with me. After Alborz, Parsa goes to see Sara and when she sees that she has used her drugs, she tells her: Take care of yourself, the dose of your drugs has gone too high. Sara says: I was not alone, Alborz was with me. Khorshid states that he has lost his son Alborz and is very upset about this. Leia also expresses hope that she has entrusted several people to find her. But after these words, Khorshid admits that Alborz is not his son and ..

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Khosrow, who had lost his ability to speak due to a recent stroke and was in a coma for some time, Berley talks to his wife Khorshid for a while, although incompletely and briefly, but as soon as Leia enters the room, she becomes anxious and silent. After that, the two sisters are alone with each other and talk to each other.

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